Generating value in ingredient buying – FOOD


Our client is one of Europe’s leading food companies, committed to outstanding taste experience and product quality. They keep on investing in their trusted brands to keep them fresh, exciting and relevant to the demands of modern life.

After starting our initial assignment, the client got bought over by an international food group with headquarters in Barcelona.


  • Acquisition / Procurement integration: Clear need of well defined category plans & proper category hand-overs
  • Set up of future proof collaborations – restructuring and refining of existing contractual agreements
  • Relationship management with key suppliers
  • Market tendencies: decreased spend & inflation
  • Knowledge sharing & generation of procurement intelligence
  • Category management: meat, yeast, fish, fat powder, corrugated packaging, vegetable oils, eggs, cereals, starches, dairy, gums, thickeners, 
alcohol, vinegars, cocoa, sugars & sweeteners


  • Rebuilt supplier relationship and initiated a positive partnership after dairy suppliers 
wanted to end the collaboration
  • Switched egg yolk-supplier and ended running contract, with saving and without damaging 
the relationship with the contracted supplier
  • Negotiated, agreed and managed flexible soybean oil start for an insourcing project
  • Launched thee new ranges, from scratch, on time within budget (with marketing and R&D)
  • Restructured and refined the contractual agreement with a copacker to assure a future 
proof collaboration with a high capex investment by our client at the copacker
  • Strong results in terms of savings as well as efficiency/value in all categories managed