Logistics & Trade Compliance Expert @ Septentrio – Leuven

Client Description

Septentrio is a leading supplier of state-of-the-art GPS/GNSS receivers for a wide variety of applications that require inch-perfect localization in every condition possible. The company provides everything starting from reference designs, chip sets to system-level GPS/GNSS receivers including the latest technologies to go with it.

To give you an idea of the industry applications in which the positioning software is being used; think of precise machine control and construction, marine and land survey, drone usage, geo-mapping, rail and automotive applications and much more.

The company’s HQ is located in Leuven but has a global network throughout various offices and partnerships. Septentrio has been growing steadily and is planning to grow even further. To facilitate further growth, the need for logistic expertise rises and specifically expertise within trade compliance.

As their technologies are widely used, compliance with international standards and regulations needs to be assured at all costs. Combine that with a new structure in which logistics are closely involved in the sales process, and you get the need for this new exciting role! Thus, Purson and Septentrio are teaming up to hire a Logistics Expert with strong expertise in trade compliance!

Job Description

  • As a logistics expert you will be joining the newly formed delivery & logistics team that aims to bring together a cross-functional team, partly focusing on sales support, partly focusing on logistics and shipments.
  • Your role can be divided into three building blocks, providing a mix in which your expertise and craftmanship can provide valuable support for the company.
  • Firstly, you will function as a logistics expert that provides advice and support from within the delivery & logistics team. Goal is to support sales within their sales processes and give them advice on what is feasible in logistical terms and what not, thus making sure the client has the best service possible.
  • The second part of this position focuses on trade compliance. You are the go-to person to set up the trade compliance process; from screening a customer up to the request of the necessary international licenses. To fully grasp the necessary documentation and regulatory processes, you will be involved in the sales process from an early stage.
  • A third and very important part of this role will be focusing on process review and improvement. As mentioned before, Septentrio is going through an immense growth process, mainly by focusing on R&D and innovation. To further establish that evolution and to make sure that it persists, clear and concise logistical processes as well as compliancy structures need to be established. This will be your task, giving the position an interesting dimension that focuses on improvement and efficiency.


  • For this role, I am looking for a true logistics expert with a strong track record within trade compliance. Important to note is that both theoretical and practical experience in this would be very appreciated.
  • Because the products and technologies can have both civilian and military purposes, knowledge of Dual Use and EAR is considered a necessity. Working experience in electronics industry is a plus.
  • As you are closely involved with the sales cycle of your commercial colleagues, it is expected of you to not be afraid of getting your feet dirty and really dig into the processes.
  • You have successfully attained a higher degree.
  • Preferably, you are experienced with working in SAP and if possible, Salesforce. These tools are of the utmost importance when aiming for operational excellence.
  • Personality-wise, you have a strong and open way of communicating, enabling you to achieve the best possible relations with internal and external stakeholders. Next to that, you are an expert analytic that knows how to interpret data thoroughly.
  • On a language level, you are fluent in English. It is also advised to be fluent in Dutch.


  • Septentrio gives you the opportunity to play a key role in the further growth of the company. This could be the perfect next step in your career when aiming for a role that enables you to have a very wide scope.
  • Off course you will also be given a broad salary package that stimulates growth and gives you a range of choices in order to personalize your remuneration.
  • Lastly, it is important to note that Septentrio offers you an opportunity to take an important step within an international company with strong local footprint where true entrepreneurs have sheer endless possibilities.


 Frederik Degryse | frederik@purson.be | 0032 470 19 40 13