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I am looking for an employee

Looking to perform a permanent hiring to strengthen your procurement – or supply chain team?

Purson specializes itself entirely in procurement and supply chain. This results in a thorough market knowledge and an extensive network within our chosen discipline.

There for we can shift gears very rapidly to service you in a quality oriented way and with our vision firmly fixed on the long term.

Purson Supply Chain
Purson Procurement

An unexpected absence within your department? In need of extra manpower or expertise, currently lacking in-house?

Thanks to our daily focus on the market of supply chain & procurement, we can proudly state that we managed to build a very strong core of consultant throughout the years, extensively seasoned within our niche.

This makes that we can easily and rapidly offer an answer to each question. We will gladly show you who of our consultants is the right fit and can be of immediate added value and introduce both parties to each other.

I am in need of a temporary reinforcement

I want to realize a project

Lifting your organization/department to a higher level?

Thus you need an experienced Purson consultant with the necessary savoir-faire to show you the way, assist you along that road, implement towards best-practice and generate an immediate impact.


✓ Audit of your procurement department
✓ Transformation & change management
✓ Crisis management
✓ Spend analysis – roadmapping – strategy development
✓ Category management (implementation)
✓ Cost reduction – detection of savings potential
✓ Process optimization
✓ Set-up procurement intelligence
✓ Maturity & footprint increase
✓ Supply base / network development
✓ Outsourcing
✓ Sector benchmarking, …

Supply chain

✓ Definition of supply chain strategy
✓ Change management
✓ S&OP implementation
✓ Planning Management
✓ Process review & optimization
✓ Operational optimization
✓ Performance modelling
✓ Warehouse management, …

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