Interim Supply Chain Management – INTERIOR SUPPLIER


Belgian specialist with more than 50 years of experience in kitchens, bathrooms, ventilation and heating. The company procures project developers and contractors with the necessary knowhow and advice to ensure successful construction.


  • Supply chain has been neglected during the last years of growth, resulting in three warehouses whit a lot of unaccounted stock.
  • External transportation partnerships had not been evaluated for years.
  • New market possibilities were found but to move for this market share, warehousing and footprint was not optimal.


  • Purson was responsible for the optimization of the already existing warehouses, which were restructured and redesigned.
  • Process improvements were not only implemented in the warehousing department but also in transport, customer service. Definition and follow up of KPI’s.
  • Lackluster communication lines between sales, customer service and warehousing were dealt with by instating a clear meeting cycle.
  • Improving QOS of inventory control, resulting in a 25% accuracy increase.
  • Analysis of the logistics and warehousing footprint, after which recommendations were given on where to locate a new warehouse, while phasing out another one.