International Logistics Management – FOOD


World-leading manufacturer of plant-based nutrition that aims to make every household in the world a happier and healthier place. Their lasting growth is based on positivity, empowerment, and visionary innovation.


  • As of 2021, our client started the next phase in a grand transformation project after a takeover five years back by another FMCG-leading company.
  • The other company wants to incorporate our client’s different product supply chains within its own network, thus creating a more efficient network design. However, as our client has an exclusive and very specific product range, it comes with a whole lot of difficulties on an implementation-level.
  • As a project group was discerned, a hole was created within the international logistics department that could have a catastrophic impact on the day-to-day operations for the next year.


  • Purson first analysed the role at hand through an intake procedure with higher management, assuring that the profile needed was clearly known. Afterwards within the available network, we provided the best interim manager to provide continuity on the one hand but also add conceptual relevance to the transformation group.
  • As most of the international logistic flows on a corporate level were being concentrated on a national level, we first had to analyse the best possible way to ramp down international flows by negotiating with existing or interesting logistics service providers.
  • Moreover, during times of rapid change and restructuring of the organisation, special attention was given to the day-to-day management and follow-up of the team. Clear direction needed to be given while also reacting to possible worries in times of change.
  • External input had to be given on a data level to further fuel the project group managing the transformation.