Bringing added value to industrial services and CAPEX projects – PETROCHEMICAL


A global player in the petrochemical industry, with a refinery in Antwerp.  We were able to fill the gap in their organization and provide them added value in key activities to the business.


  • Lack in expertise for ongoing CAPEX-projects
  • Urgent need for management of commercial/contractual issues for categories such as Inspections and Scaffolding / Insulation / Asbestos removal, including follow-up of improvement program of one specific contractor.


  • RFI, NDA, RFQ, shortlist bids, clarification meetings, rebids, commercial bid evaluations, initial negotiations regarding price, commercial T&C/contract text
  • Formulating purchase advice to client by presenting case to contract committee. If validated, final negotiations regarding price, commercial T&C/contract text
  • Post-Award Kick-off meeting, follow-up of progress regarding contractual milestones + expediting when necessary
  • Negotiations regarding delays or claims for additional, post-award interventions (if milestones are not met)