Logistics Interim Mission – CHEMICALS


Client is a chemical company manufacturing innovative ‘in-between’ products. They are the chain between the raw material suppliers and the processing industry.



  • Due to a sudden illness in the logistics team, client lacked the resources to sufficiently support day-to-day operations.
  • Purson was asked to supply a plug-and-play solution through one of its consultants, while looking for optimization possibilities.


  • Temporary Fill-in for Logistics Employee:
    • Quickly adapted to the responsibilities and tasks of the position, ensuring continuity of essential logistics functions such as order processing, shipment tracking, and inventory management.
    • Maintained open communication with team members and stakeholders to address any issues or concerns that arose during the temporary assignment.
  • Assistance to Logistics Administration Team:
    • Offered support to the logistics administration team during peak periods or when facing resource constraints.
    • Assisted with tasks such as order processing, shipment tracking, and inventory management to maintain operational efficiency.
  • Optimization of Documentation Flow:
    • Conducted a thorough review of existing documentation processes within the specialty chemicals company’s logistics department.
    • Identified bottlenecks and areas for improvement in the flow of documentation related to shipping, receiving, and inventory management.
  • Implementation of Document Management Solutions:
    • Implemented document management solutions and workflow automation tools to streamline documentation processes and enhance efficiency.