Tackling forecasting, inventory and replenishment at an EDC – AUTOMOTIVE


Our customer operates in 37 countries across 6 continents, and is home to around 29,000 employees, who served 16 million customers in 2021. They’re the world’s leading vehicle glass repair and replacement group.

The customer is a pioneer in 3D printing and a leader in additive manufacturing innovation. Their broad portfolio of hardware, software and material solutions spans from plastics to metals and is backed by industry specific engineering expertise.


  • Focus was put on the centralized logistics & distribution hub for European countries. They service all products for the service centers in Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands, Luxemburg, Denmark, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Austria, Hungary and Greece.
  • With a total storage capacity of 42.000 square, the company distributes +1,5 million windshields and 22 million accessories.
  • Several transformation programs were initiated in the company, with a strong focus on integration, optimization and E2E initiatives.
  • Purson was mandated to manage the forecasting & inventory team and the replenishment team in their daily activities, a total of 12FTE, and guide the teams through these transformation programs.


  • Optimization of the inventory availability for the different customer clusters, taking into account the current supply chain disruptions, supplier performances and Core KPI’s. (+20 000 SKU’s)
  • Maintaining a correct product forecasting for the customers and suppliers
  • Replenishment of the products from supplier to EDC in the most efficient manner.
  • Took accountability for the KPI’s of the teams.
  • Project team member of the project Core KPI optimization reporting to the executives of the company.
  • Increased E2E approach by improving cooperation between different stakeholders
  • External input had to be given on a data level to further fuel the project group managing the transformation.