The transition of local buyer to procurement business partner – PUBLIC


A Flemish research organisation in the area of cleantech and sustainable development aiming to accelerate the transition to a sustainable world.

We took the role of team coördinator / coach, as well as procurement manager for strategic projects within a context of public procurement.


  • Limited internal collaboration with procurement
  • Room for improvement on a procurement maturity level – too much of an administrative support function under finance
  • Need for performance monitorring, definition of team goals and a clear reporting process


  • Definition of governance model + set up of roadshows to create internal visibility for procurement.
  • Improvement of team competences through on the job coaching, working method optimization, tools & training and motivation sessions
  • Training on communication and soft skills – selling the added value of procurement
  • Introduction of weekly department meetings, set up of procurement dashboard and installment of clear KPI system
  • Implementation of category management
  • Creation of contract repository, set up of work flows – processes – approvals PR & PO to invoice
  • Positioning of procurement as an upstream involved function, moving away from a more administrative purpose
  • Key contribution in strategic procurement projects + cross company collaboration