Coaching the CPO & leading by example – AVIATION


A globally renowned aviation company with multiple production sites and business lines – Belgian HQ – ongoing transformation project.


  • Production director got promoted to CPO, could fall back on very strong technical knowledge and a sound internal network – but who was very much new to the procurement discipline
  • Young team of procurement professionals who were in quick need of a maturity increase


  • Allignment of procurement strategy & corporate mission/vision
  • Upgrade of tactical & strategic role of procurement
  • KPI definition & implementation, creation of templates
  • Coaching of the entire procurement team from strategy to execution
  • End-2-end process evaluation + optimisation proposals
  • Intensive coaching of CPO
  • Providing the push to actively participate in the corporate transformation project
  • Additional support in indirect spend tenders which led to tangible savings – providing more gains than the investment cost of the mission itself