Process Assessment & Integrated Business Planning – FMCG


World’s largest FMCG company that employs 291.000 employees worldwide in more than 185 countries. By abiding by their company values ‘Good food, good life’, they’ve secured a comfortable market position.


  • COVID strongly disrupted demand in one of our client’s important business segments.
  • Communication between sales and supply chain was lackluster, creating frustration and lackluster forecasting.


  • As a true lightning rod, we listened to grievances of commercial and planning departments. Afterwards we composed a plan that stipulated a new modus operandi, restoring the relationship between the departments in the long run.
  • Several extra business partners needed to be included to ensure more concise forecasting on a product and market level.
  • Solid base line was created for enhanced collaboration with different business partners.
  • Analysis and advice was given on how to counteract the demand drop for the business unit most impacted by COVID.