Customer Service Team Management – FOOD


Client is the world’s largest private label producer of rice, corn and multi-grain cakes. Its success results from our continuous focus on developing new and surprising products that meet the highest quality & food safety standards.


  • Client underwent an explosive growth, leaving a big mark on client satisfaction due to lackluster cohesion between customer service, sales and operations.
  • Purson took on the assignment as Customer Service and NPD (New product development) Team Lead to work away the existing discrepancies.


  • Took responsibility for three customer service assistance, who managed order intake, order handling, set up transportation and where the interface towards warehousing.threez
  • Second responsibility was for three NPD coordinators, that were active in innovation projects, packaging development and special customer requests. completing innovation projects, new packaging developments and customers requests.
  • By combining team stability with customer crisis management, process optimization, cost saving and overall process review, targets were met. Thus, leading to an increased customer satisfaction.