Optimization of R2P-process, Connecting-Expertise and procurement intelligence project management – SERVICES


The customer is an international financial institution focussing on retail, private & wholesale banking. They offer a wide array of financial products to millions of clients through the distribution channel of their choice.


  • Process alignment & efficiency
  • GDPR regulations
  • Set-up of procurement intelligent for the contingent workforce category
  • Innovation in the market segment
  • Ensuring internal compliancy and understanding of procurement policies for relevant spend


  • R2P Process optimisation & automation related to hiring of contingent workforce (Automated data transfer, data quality improvement, introduction of digital invoicing solutions, system punch-out / catalogue technology, etc)
  • Design and integration of improved (SaaS) Hiring Tool (Connecting-Expertise)
  • Procurement Service Portal (introduction, design and implementation)
  • Process automation projects using Robotics Technology (RPA)
  • GDPR ruling creation and implementation (External resources)
  • Editing of and ownership on all procurement related communication
  • Advisory towards several other Procurement related optimisation projects