Shaping the procurement function and making it future proof – FMCG


A Belgian family run company with a passion for cigars. The Belgian HQ is mostly functioning as a logistics centre where products get packed, labelled, stamped and distributed all over the world straight out of the warehouse.


  • Client was confronted with the immediate departure of their long term present purchasing manager
  • The departure brought to light that things were getting done in a too much operational way and the need was raised for a more professional procurement department
  • No long term development, nor continuity plan was present at that time


  • Follow up long term requirements and contracting of all packaging material for cigars, like tins, cartons, shell&slide, wooden boxes, shoulderboxes, paperboxes, tubes, outers, inlayers, health warning labels, cigarrings and fliptop boxes
  • Indirect spend : electricity, telephony (mobile and fix), office materials, promotion materials, travel and lease cars
  • Project new ERP system : help project manager to set up requirements for a new ERP system from purchasing and finance point of view
  • Set-up shop for the new purchasing manager after having guided the permanent hiring procedure and having drafted the continuity plan, guaranteeing a future proof procurement function. Smooth exit was done after having performed the hand-over to the new purchasing manager.