Taking the reigns on a temporary basis – AUTOMOTIVE


An automotive service company with expanding activities, part of an international  mother company that is market leader in its segment.


  • Procurement capacity was too low at the given time, timelines were too short to bring in a permanent hiring
  • Bridge building and leverage creation with the international mother company
  • Lack of structure within the procurement department


  • Took the lead over direct materials (35 à 40 Mio€) and indirect materials/services (5 Mio€)
  • Set up Category Management for all product groups and definition of the right purchase strategy
  • Implementation of contract Management and optimization of price negotiations for large volume contracts
  • Creation of awareness around supplier performance management
  • Increasing maturity due to correct management and coaching of a team of 3 purchasers/category managers
  • Sharing of best-in-class practices
  • Performance boosting of the procurement department
  • Found interesting synergies with the international mother company, which led to a better relation as well as fine results in terms of savings.