Set-up of a best-in-class procurement department – SERVICES


Our client is a semi-public services company with a top-of-mind-position when it comes to travel & hospitality. Aiming to be among the world’s finest in its relevant segment.


  • Generating cost awareness and building a procurement platform
  • No processes, nor tools present
  • Low procurement maturity
  • Market tendencies: decreasing prices + increase in alternatives
  • Generating buy-in and credibility on an ExCo-level


  • Succesful transformation of procurement department in several stages. From reactive / non-structured to harmonized and best in class.
  • Multi-year project with purely process-oriented approach in the first year, resulting in 15% savings purely on installing procurement as an upstream-involved role.
  • Successful stakeholder management
  • Implemented category management, evolved to supplier relationship management and constructed a procurement intelligence department that largely facilitated decision-making.
  • Set up of contract database
  • Implementation of full blown MSP for consulting-& professional services.
  • Realization of multiple CAPEX-projects (construction & renovation)
  • Massive volume of savings generated in an organic/durable manor: indirect spend – maintenance & equipment – Capex.
  • Upstaffing of department through temporary high skilled ressources, performing quality permanent hirings along the way to optimize continuity.